CRM and Direct Marketing in today’s environment present ever more complex challenges. Data is right at the centre. Add to that increases in (and fragmentation of) media channels as well as developments of technology and what results is a new complexity in ensuring that effective and impactful communications are delivered. The gap between brand marketers and data disciplines has to reduce – and all have to live practically alongside the creative and strategic.

Throughout Europe – across B2B and B2C markets – brands and Marketing Service Providers must adapt to these shifts. Today’s current buzz around digital transformation initiatives and optimisation techniques reflects a real and profound impact on the marketer.

“I can help”

As an experienced data centred marketer in client, agency, MSP and consultancy roles, I have a breadth of knowledge and practical experience in the US and Europe allied to a focus on getting things done.


Over more than 25 years I have been involved in a broad range of Direct Marketing and CRM spanning traditional and digital channels – all focused on demonstrable results and innovation. Examples include –

• Leading one of the largest logistical exercises ever undertaken in the UK, spanning database, analysis, direct mail and call centre

• Leading client services in one of the earliest and pioneering mobile marketing agencies

• Co-founding one of the earliest online permission marketing companies

• Driving development of one of the first on-site and email personalisation and optimisation platforms

• Driving the launch and development of leading edge US digital optimisation products into Europe
• Leading the award winning planning team within a specialist data planning agency to several major cross channel account wins and innovations

Throughout this period I have worked on brands as diverse as Thomas Cook, Dell, Legal & General, William Hill, Capital Radio, Hearst Magazines, RNLI, Lexus and Wickes. This is key – the focus is always achieving objectives for the client.

I am a former Board member of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) as well as former chair of the DMA’s mobile Marketing Council.

View my Linked In profile for more information on my experience and, most importantly, recommendations from people for – and with – whom I have worked.


I help brands, Marketing Services Providers and agencies in six ways –

Communications & Data Planning

• Marketing audit and objective setting
• Channel option audit and recommendations
• Product and service assessments
• Campaign planning including test and evaluation

Channel Optimisation

• using latest technology and approaches
• test and learn planning
• cross team (supplier and brand) management

NPD/Proposition Development

• Market gap analysis and market requirements definition
• System and process development
• Develop/Partner/Buy strategy (inc M&A assessment)

Interim Management

• team leadership and management
• project or team focus
• planning and results focus

Vendor Assessment & Procurement

• Needs assessment
• RFP documentation and process creation
• RFP process management

Content Creation

• White paper creation
• Opinion piece creation
• Product and Proposition collateral creation

Success comes from the combination of my knowledge and experience with the objectives, resources and focus of my clients’ organisation.  I take pride in contributing to that winning combination.

What My Clients Say...

Nick is that rare thing among consultants – someone who not only thinks innovatively and strategically but also works through the details, whether related to technology, execution or international data protection.  He’s completely on top of emerging technologies, and full of ideas to use them creatively to the benefit of clients. Nick is extremely reliable, always delivering on time and on plan, with a real commitment to helping clients at any stage of their development.

International Sport Brand

Nick has a truly unique depth of understanding – from business needs and commercial impact to decisions & media execution (with stand out digital experience) through to a detailed appreciation of data analytics.  He can converse with all stakeholders in an organisation with credibility and an appreciation of all roles.

Data & Analytics Agency

Nick is an accomplished thought leader and practitioner in data driven direct marketing. His strategic input has proven indispensable to the assembly of programmes. He has a rare ability to quickly and efficiently distill readily applicable solutions from complex business insight.

Multi Channel Retailer


Has Online Programmatic Reached A ‘Big Short’ Moment?

The growth of programmatic has transformed online display advertising. The growth of ‘smart’ technology has changed the way that display is delivered and bought – the IAB estimates that back in 2013 just 28% of online media was bought programmatically but that it’s now more like 60%. In many ways, it has been a real force for good by liberating advertisers and publishers from narrow audience limitations and enabling more intelligent targeting and creative. Its ‘black box nature’ however has...
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Data In 2017 – New Year/New Fear

Given the mainstream media’s relatively recent embrace of all things (big) data, you could be forgiven for thinking that the future is entirely rosy. A new generation of bright young things seems to be choosing data science as a career path, new start-ups command massive funding and the market for software & analytics solutions seems to expand by the day. Look a little closer though and there are some threats amongst all this opportunity. They’re not generally about the technology....
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Navigating The Big Ambition

There’s a common view that digital marketing is on the cusp of achieving a big ambition in creating truly dynamic experiences like never before. This is being driven both by data and creativity – and, most importantly, by their coalescence. Whist debates continue around the precise meaning of ‘big data’, there is far more consensus about the importance of insights from it and the compelling communications to be driven by it. So are we really about to leap frog segmentation and move to a world...
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Defending Charity Begins At Home

These are difficult times in which to be a charity marketer/fundraiser. Since the tragic death of Olive Cooke, a torrent of negativity from press, politicians and legislators alike has left many feeling like Public Enemy Number One. Recent research shows that trust and confidence in charities has fallen from 67% to 57% (the lowest level since monitoring began 11 years ago.) This decline however is, in many ways, not as bad as might have expected. The majority of the public still has faith....
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The Walled Garden Returns (Sort Of)

Over the last few weeks, media references to the ‘Walled Garden’ have been making a return. For example the EU's challenges to US tech dominance are predicated on an unfair advantage of the captive audience.  The issue seems almost quaint – the phrase has hardly been used since the early days of the internet when AOL et al sought to keep users within its territory. Those who deny the charge too argue that, as the gateway to pretty much everywhere, Google is hardly restrictive. Surely too in...
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Hello Bots; Sincerely Yours

Even to those of us working in digital media, recent estimates that Facebook’s ad sales will make it Britain’s third biggest media owner (behind only Google and ITV) by the end of 2017 might have come as a surprise. The IAB estimates that display ads across social media grew by 45% in the UK in 2016 which is another jolting fact – especially when we consider that it’s hardly a new sector. Debates over the likely effectiveness of ads in an inherently non ad-familiar environment seem now to be a...
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Transforming Digital Transformation

For some time now many organisations have had a penchant for Digital Transformation projects. The aim has been to bring digital into the heart of the business and avoid it being a specialist silo. The rationale has been that digital needs to become a mainstream business-as-usual channel and function in order to properly realise its potential as a new medium – especially alongside traditional media that are under threat of extinction Now in 2016 of course digital is no longer new and there is...
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Attention PLEASE

Successful marketers get their message across to consumers by a combination of persuasive skills and compelling communications. This must be built on engagement and focused on building trust. None of it however matters until we first have their attention. That very commodity looks increasingly tough to command. Take online. We are all used to accessing some of the most popular online content for free. From social media to news sites, we can have what we want when we want it for nothing –...
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The Value of Failure – A Marketer’s View

As marketers, we probably often feel overwhelmed by opportunities and threats.  So many changes and so many choices. The speed of growth is probably – as ever – greatest in digital and digital is now front and centre for most of us.    According to Warc, of the shortlisted campaigns for the Cannes Creative Effectiveness awards this year, the lead channel was social in 60% of cases and online video in 44%.  That’s lead – multi channel is everywhere but digital is increasingly up front.  So...
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Marketers Beware – Mind The Gap

It would be a massive understatement to say that marketing is changing. Whether a business is going through full blown ‘transformation’ or just continuing its Business As Usual, the rate of change in what we do and how we do it means that most days we marketers face something new or different. It is often great then to know that there are some areas where we know the score; where we can tick it as a known quantity and move on. Or can we? For those of us who have been doing it a while, that...
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